Artwork Guide

file 1. File Format

  • We accept All design file formats, Such as
  • PDF, EPS, Ai, CDR, PSD, TIFF, PNG and JPEG files (All image files need to be in correct size and at-least 300DPI) for correct size printing else we cannot take it’s responsibility
  • You can also supply us with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point Files) to give data for sequential artworks
  • file_formats
cmyk1 2. Colours Correction

  • We Highly recommend use of process colours in your file.
  • To get an idea about exact shades that will show after printing have your files converted to CMYK / PMS colours
resolution-icon  3. Image / Artwork Resolution 

  • A vector file is prefered, In case of Image file it’s resolution should 350DPI or higher
  • Do not company images from website as they are normally low resolution and do not print well. Low resoltion artwork can produce, blur, fuzzy, pixiled or rough printing result.
  • Image should equal to or bigger than size of actual print.
  • High Resolution Image VS Low Resolution Image:
  • high-low

4. Outline / Curve Fonts

  • It is very important to have your fonts curved / Outline / Group to avoid having missing fonts once art file open in different software.
  • Different Software use different key’s to covert font to outline.
  • Do Not Stretch of squeeze fonts from their normal positionsartwork-guide-403
  • Font Outline
 Graphic-design-icon 5. Artwork Orientation 

  • Use correct positioning on content and images in your artwork, Keep in mind, safe print area and cutting / trim line
  • In case of sheet stickers keep in atleast 4mm space margin between one sticker and next stickers for cutting space.

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 custom  6. Custom Shape / Die Cutting 

  • Avoid Sharpe edges while making die-line for in die cut stickers
  • Have the shape edges converted round to get better cutting


 7. Checking Final Draft

  • Check final draft for cutting errors, data placement, Margin from corners and overall look of the final artwork



8. Links, Transparency effects, Ups

  • Avoid unnecessary up’s except in case of sheet stickers
  • When using transparency effects, shadow and blur effects make sure to group them for not having missing layers.
  • Check overall positioning and cutting lines for the artwork
  • Remove any links to avoid problem with file