Privacy Policy

Privacy Law

We are bound to keep your personal and business data secure under National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) under State legislation. We have abide all laws to keep your information protected

Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy keeps you information about the types of information we collect from you with the order and it’s usage in our company and sharing of information with third party companies if any. This Privacy policy applies to all types of dealing and information taken from our client’s on website, email, phone call or through any other medium. We always encourage you to keep checking on our updated privacy policies and keep your contact information up to date on our website.

Collecting, Processing and Data Usage

As we offer Both Online & Offline orders, and we collect your personal and product related information from your order, which may include, Your full name, telephone number, email address, Business Name, Address, Postcode, Security Information etc.  All your information collected is kept private and is not share with any marketing or lead generation company, unless otherwise may be used for news letters to keep you updated with upcoming or new products offered by our company.

Keep Up-to-Date Information

We have different ways to ensure live and updated data is provided to our company. Missing or not accurate information leads to lack of communication with you about your order. We always request you to provide us with your most updated contact details to avoid any delays due to lack of communication.

Internet Privacy

To be able to place and order online on our website, A cookie containing information is set to a specific page for repeatedly access. The cookie text file stays on computer and enables to you connect to system for online purchases. We have secure firewalls protecting this information display. The Sticker Printing allow both registered and guest users to order online.

Information Forwarding

The information collected is only shared with courier company for delivery of good, Other than that no information is passed on to any third part companies, Your financial information is only shared with banks or payment processing companies to process funds.

Display and Usage of Client’s Data

The Client indemnifies & authorize us for copyright, license and reproduction / publication and / or distribution of all types of content including images, music clips, videos and logo’s supplied. The Sticker Printing reserve the right to use supplied data for its own promotion and publications.

Customer Account Opening

All personal information e.g. name, address, e-mail, phone number as well as security data username and password is stored directly in our customer database when  opening new customer account. Which enables you to use our website and to make your purchases from our store using username and password used?

Email Advertising Consent

You may receive promotional or advertisement emails from our company. Your email address is not shared or forwarded to other companies. If you wish to discontinue receiving these services in the future, you can withdraw your consent at any time. To do this, please click “Unsubscribe” at the end of the newsletter, or send an e-mail to admin@thestickerprinting.com, with “Unsubscribe from newsletter” in the subject line.