What are acceptable payment method?

We accept payment by credit card (VISA and Mastercard, Amex) or direct deposit into our bank account and PayPal.

Is there any delay in Order If i choose to pay with EFT ?

Normally there is no delay with EFT transactions if you provide us with remittance email or screen shoot. If not then we have to wait 1 business day before transaction has been processed by bank.

Do you keep our Financial information?

In most cases we take payments with Paypal, whereas credit card payment are processed by bank and your financial information is securely locked after transaction processing.

If my transaction declines then what happens to my Order?

In case of decline in your transaction we put a temporary hold on your order and one of our agent will try to contact you asap to arrange alternate payment or to work out a solution.

Can I set up Re-seller Account?

If you are designer or Reseller you can get discounted rates, based on volume you are planning to order. All orders require deposit before processing.

Is GST included in the Order Price? 

GST is added to order at the time of checkout whereas we offer Free deliveries to all over Australia. .

Why do you have relatively low Prices?

Our products are low because we deal in bulk printing which helps us keep our prices low.

Can i order online?

Our website is fully functional with automatic price calculator, All you need to do is select your product, choose relates options, get the price and all your product to cart. In case of custom sizes or product, fill our custom order form or contact us via email for quote and order via email

How can i order multiple products in one order?

After selecting once product you can go to continue shopping button to shop more products, once done add products to cart and checkout.

What is your normal Turnaround Time?

Turnaround time varies from product to product, But our normal production time is 3 – 4 Business Days and 1 – 2 days for delivery. Rush order are manufactured as fast as possible to meet the deadline. Bulk Order or Orders with more than one special effects take more time.

Will I receive an tax invoice for my order?

Yes A PDF version of tax invoice is emailed to your order email address.

How do i order Re-Print of my Previous Order?

You can go to your account, locate the order you want to re-order, click re-print and it will take you to checkout page to complete the order.

How do i order large quantities or Custom orders not listed directly on your website?

You can order large quantities or custom order via custom order quote form or directly via email “sales@thestickerprinting.com” and one of our customer care representative will be able to help you in quote and order.

Is it possible to cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order you need to do so before approval or production start. Once Production is started is not possible to cancel your order.

How can I upload my Artwork?

Our website gives you option to upload your artwork during checkout. Once you go to cart you can upload your artwork before proceeding to cart.

What artwork files is best?

A high resolution image or vector file is required for good results in printing. You can find guideline for best artwork preparation on our website.

Do you accept artwork via email?

Yes accept artwork via email, drop box , Shareware and directly from our website

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

We can accept files up to 64MB directly on our website. Bigger files can be sent via shareware or Dropbox.