Material Guide

What Material Best Fits?

There are endless material options both in paper and card stocks. There are some detailed  description about Materials we offer

The Sticker Printing deal in both sticker printing products as well card printing products. We have wide variety of printing materials available with best and affordable printing.

Printing Speed is one of the main factors for customers ordering with us. We are quite experienced in meeting deadlines.

Please go through our sticker and card materials details. We offer these in plenty of finishes and customised printing operations.

For sparkling and glamorous looks get some special effects done. like,Hot Foil, Raised / Embossed, Debossing, Recycled,  Spot UV, Letterpress and Laser Cutting & Plotter Cutting options.

  Stickers Material

Paper Stickers

  • Paper Sticker Gloss 
  • Matte Paper Sticker
  • Textured Paper Sticker
  • Metallic Sticker Paper
  • Craft Sticker Paper
  • Fluorescent Sticker Paper
  • Embossing / Raised Effects
  • Debossing / Letter Press Effects

Vinyl Stickers

  • Transparent / Clear Vinyl
  • White Vinyl ( Re-Stick-able )
  • White Permanent Vinyl 
  • White Vinyl with Gloss Lamination
  • White Vinyl with Matte Lamination
  • PVC Vinyl Sticker
  • Gold Vinyl
  • Silver Vinyl
  • Multicolour Vinyl

Bumper Stickers

( Outdoor & Car Stickers )

  • Outdoor Bumper Vinyl Stickers
  • Clear Outdoor Bumper Vinyl Stickers 
  • Die Cut Bumper Stickers

Special Operations on Stickers

  • Hologram Stickers
  • Dome ( 3D ) Stickers
  • Embossed /  Debossed Stickers
  • Kiss Cut / Half Die Cutting
  • Double Sided Printed Sticker
  • Static Cling Stickers
  • Hot Foil on Stickers (Vinyl & Paper)
  • Metallic Stickers

 Standard Card Material

Standard Finish

No Coasting, natural paper or card look after final manufacturing.

Uncoated Paper / Card

It do not generally have any protective coating, printing on uncoated material is not really protected as material is porous and allow flow on ink , moisture etc.

Coated Papers

Any type of protective coating / lamination / varnish spray done on paper / card to protect printing / product from getting fade away, effected by moisture etc.

Recycled / Kraft Paper

Use recycled or Kraft material to make this paper, Recycled stock is normally used for vintage elite look

Textured Stock

Both card and paper are available in texture stock option for manufacturing all or any custom products.

Metallic Stock

Metallic has metallic look as it have metallic film applied to stock to give it extra glow and Shinny look

NCR / Carbon-less Paper 

NCR = No Carbon Required or carbonless paper are used for invoices, orders etc