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Posters are one of the most absolute marketing tools which is easily noticed by general public as they are made of big paper stock pasted on walls. Fully designed posters with pictures are great for instant display. Posters are mainly used for marketing of movies, Dramas, or media related activities as well as political campaign posters. Posters are cost effective as they are cheap to print. Posters are considered as completing a new form of promotional advertising tool at trade displays, exhibitions and many other places. Do you know that one of the best part of having poster printing is that you can easily transform your brand logo from normal to an extraordinary, eye-catching with bold colours and design, then you see that what real results come to life. Make sure to use the color posters as this will take the promotion of your products and services to a higher level.

The Sticker Printing offers posters printing in big sizes. You can get most big size posters printed from us and our posters can be printed in both small run and bulk run quantities. You can choose for required size, Stock and quantity options from our calculator on top right of the page. We are using special graphics and hi-tech printers to make it the most attractive and worth looking for your next promotion. The sizes which we are offering for poster printing for our clients include 28cm x 44cm, 30.5cm x 46cm, 46cm X 60cm, 56cm X 72cm, 60cm X 90cm and customized sizes. If you have any questions about our printing services, you may call us or send us an email. Our customer services center operates 24/7.

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  1. Andrea
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    I was looking for someone who could provide me amazing and eye catching posters within my budget. After having the services of “The Sticker Printing”, I am very happy and satisfied….. Without compromising the quality level they provide me the exact quality and product which I was searching for!!

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